A new Rosegal Wishlist!

Howdy! Would you miss me? Today I want to introduce you a small wish list with Rosegal  products. I know it’s a little past Easter, so you can not buy gifts now, but that does not mean you can not renew your wardrobe. It will not cost you much, the prices on this site are very affordable and the transportation is completely free. This means that the amount we see in the basket must be paid at the end. Of course, if we want to receive the parcel faster, we have to pay different taxes, depending on the chosen transportation method, but I say it is worth it.

Plus Size Butterfly Print Cold Shoulder T-shirt

My shopping list is very, very many blued, you can see here. Also one of the models that conquered me can be seen above. It is a very nice and colorful blip, only good for the warm period. If you do not like black you can choose the other two colors. Another very nice thing about this product is that it is available in a very wide range of sizes. So that means we can create more spectacular outfits with a fairly small budget.

Plus Size Cat Face Pattern Light Wash Jeans

If I added to my wish list blouses I also thought to look over the jeans category. In this way I will have the opportunity to create more outfits and impress those around me. Even though I’ve been 20 years old I still love funny outfits, that’s why I could not help but add to my wish list the above pair. I often want to give him a shop now and wait for the order. I really like the pair of jeans just because it gives a younger note to the whole outfit.

Plus Size Long Peacock Print Palazzo Pants

Because the jeans are not the most suitable pairs of summer pants I thought to add to the wishlist and the pair above. It is simply seen from the pictures that they are the kind of pants that will allow the legs to breathe and which will match the high temperatures. Now, depending on my wardrobe, I can then create more outfits. Until then I have to buy now  and complete the order. P.S. enter the link because there is a pair of pants but a gorgeous blue shade.

What do you think about the products I choose?

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